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6 Things Digital Recruiters Want From Your LinkedIn Profile

As a digital marketer, your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you – from how much experience you have to how passionate you are about the industry. It’s your online call-out card when you’re looking for a job or in some cases not even looking, but instead headhunted for your experience and know-how.

LinkedIn is so popular amongst recruiters and HR pros that 95 percent are on the network looking for candidates according to Forbes. But with so much advice around on how to stand out, it’s not always clear what the correct approach is.

That’s why we spoke to a number of leading digital marketing recruiters and asked, “What exactly do you look for in a LinkedIn profile?” Now we’re sharing it with you to give you some advice and tips on how to get found and hired on LinkedIn.


1. Be an Attention-Grabber

Recruiters and HR departments get sent a lot of CVs and resumes. This means their time and attention is limited. So it’s about making your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Get a friend to take the ‘scan test’ and ask them to feed back the key information that jumps out about you. We bet it’s things like your heading, titles, the keywords in your summary, and the number of times you’ve been endorsed.

To get attention on the social network, make sure that your bio is snappy, accurate, to the point and formatted for quick and easy scanning. Most importantly, save recruiters valuable time by identifying your value proposition instantly.

Here’s a great example of a bio and ‘About’ section on LinkedIn that tells a recruiter exactly what this person does but also shows off her passion, interests and personality. 

Shanoli Burke LinkedIn profile



Shanoli Burke LinkedIn profile
Shanoli Burke About on LinkedIn

2. Appeal to Your Target Audience

Before crafting your LinkedIn profile answer these very important questions: “What’s in it for recruiters?” “Why should they listen?”

As a digital marketer, you need to consider the impact your LinkedIn profile will have on your target audience. Will it engage, entice, intrigue? Does it communicate your value proposition?u

Consider the information recruiters want and need to see before making an informed decision to recommend you. Speak their language and be kind, consistent and clear with your formatting.

Your best bet? Make their job easier by ensuring yor profile is foolproof to read, understand and scan. Identify what they are looking for and give it to them in bold, beautiful headings and unmistakable bullet points.

3. Show Your Professional Side

A recent study revealed that 95 percent of recruiters and business owners believe a LinkedIn profile acts as a business card today. So it’s essential that you make the most of the visual power of your LinkedIn profile and reflect yourself in the best and most professional manner possible.

Don’t forget to take advantage of your custom background image too. Have a blog? Why not enter the URL and a call to action? Have you spoken at a conference? Upload a photo of you taking center stage for the instant “this is me” effect. Choose the best photo/image that truly reflects who you are in your career – the one that portrays your most confident and capable self.

Also, make sure to reach out and ask peers or colleagues for recommendations. These look great on your profile and show a recruiter that you are credible. 

Here’s Neil Patel’s background image which poses a question and shows exactly what he can do to provide a solution all in just one image.

Neil Patel background image on LinkedIn

4. Showcase Your Achievements

LinkedIn is no place to be shy. And now that the powerful social platform allows you to showcase your work and add rich, visual media to your profile it’s time you started taking advantage.

You can, for example, add text or video to your summary and individual job sections and education section (this is a great way to show examples of the marketing work you have completed). 

On your profile, there’s a section for ‘honors and awards’ where you can add any awards. You can add ‘Projects’, ‘Publications’ and take skills assessments to show the level of your knowledge. You can also use the ‘Featured items’ section to showcase something you’re really proud of, like a video of you speaking at a conference or a webpage for a successful marketing campaign. 

5. Connect, Engage & Get Involved

A quick glance at your LinkedIn profile can give recruiters a true insight into how serious you are about the industry. For example, they can check your connections, the influencers you’ve chosen to follow and the groups you’ve joined. If you’re looking to demonstrate passion (and you should do just that) make sure you’re following and engaging with the right people.

Create a list of your favorite thought leaders and the most inspirational people in your industry – and then seek to follow, engage and connect with them. Keen to stand out? Contribute your thoughts, opinions and content to relevant groups to get seen by those who matter (including recruiters).

6. Be Honest & Accurate

Just because you need to engage and excite your readers does not mean you want to mislead them about your achievements, titles or duties. An honest profile is imperative for building trust with recruiters – that trust will go a long way when it comes to getting a recommendation for a particular job.

Maintain accuracy too. Recruiters want to get a sense that you are capable of doing the job before putting you forward for an interview. If your profile is littered with typos, inconsistencies, and poor grammar you risk the reader losing faith in your ability to effectively market to the masses.

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